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In the last issue, after interviewing Helen's father, the first graduate of Teensen, the editor responded to the parents' demands and interviewed Alan’s mother.Alan, is the second student of Teensen.Recently, he received an interview invitation from the Mathematics Department of Oxford University. Now, let's listen to the story of Alan's family and Teensen together with editor.



Alan took the senior high school entrance examination in 2017. His score was 682, including 108.5 in Chinese, 117 in mathematics and 110 in English. He got full marks in sports. This kind of score, my child and I were very satisfied at the beginning. In that year's high school entrance examination score line, the highest score was 675 in the Affiliated Middle School of Normal University. In fact, since 2017, I and the parents in the junior high school class have been receiving a variety of information about the middle school entrance examination, school and teachers, and some private schools are also going deep into junior high school to find students in advance.


As early as the second day of junior high school, my child has already contacted some information about studying abroad in international high school. One of my cousins, her son is four years old. She graduated from the middle school after working overtime. She passed the UBC exam, and now she is a senior. Before going abroad, we had a bit of communication, and my child showed interest in it. Based on this, we decided to learn more about international education.


After the examination results came out, I received a phone call from the teacher of Teensen, reported the examination scores, and then heard the introduction of tuition free. The scholarship policy of Teensen attracted me very much. I immediately decided to go to school.


When I arrived at the school, I had a preliminary understanding of what A-level is and looked at the qualifications of the school. Then I went home, searched the Internet for relevant information, and learned some characteristics of the course system. Then, I made an appointment with the school to have another in-depth understanding.


I remember that at that time, it was Miss. Tao and Miss. Zhuang who received me and my children. Miss. Tao made a plan for entering a higher school. Miss. Zhuang introduced the teachers and teaching. When I heard that, according to my children's current performance, if I can keep this level, I have a good chance to rush to the world's top schools in the future. When we learn that the ranking of top schools in China and the world is unbelievable to me and my children, we can have such opportunities! You know, before that, the college entrance examination target school set by my child and I was Wuhan University, or it was possible to work hard. Tsinghua University didn't dare to think about it! In this course, we can imagine applying to Oxford and Cambridge! My children and I are very excited. At the same time, I also feel that the educational concept of Teensen fits me very well. In this way, with a vision for the future, my children and I decided to choose Teensen, to impact the world's top schools, and work hard for our dreams!



At the beginning of senior one, my child was divided into class 1. At that time, there were 5 students in the class. The teaching schedule is specially planned. The children begin to adapt to English teaching materials, English topics and English test papers, and begin to learn other courses such as economics, accounting and business besides mathematics, chemistry, physics and Chinese. When I was just in school, I thought that the child would not adapt to the new international education system, but from the feedback he gave me, he didn't have any particular maladjustment, but found a place like a fish in water. Just after entering Teensen for a week or two, he told me that it used to feel like a long time in school, but now it feels like a second.


The school's entrance planning department also began to arrange for people from different industries to give lectures and go to different vocational places for internships, such as engineering, banking, art and so on. My children also found that they were not interested in engineering and it in this lecture and internship. I remember meeting with Miss. Tao later to exchange this situation. She said that the purpose of such an activity arranged by the school entrance planning office is to let students see all kinds of different occupations by themselves. Even if they can't find out their interests for a while, they can also find the categories that they are not interested in.


For each student, the school specially arranged psychological assessment, one-on-one interview with students, and one-on-one interview with parents in the first semester. Miss Tao introduced the evaluation of children to me, combined with their academic level and personal wishes, and discussed with me to optimize the professional direction, and determined the direction of mathematics and computer. Around this direction, the school arranged a series of professional group activities, including it language courses, international mathematics competitions, domestic robot competitions, application for the American programming Olympics, etc. These arrangements, both professional and fit the situation of children, as long as the implementation of the child, can become a bright spot on the application documents, which is indispensable for the application of a good school.


In the second semester of senior two, my child was also lucky to be selected as a training student applying for Oxford and Cambridge, and received additional examination training for Oxford and Cambridge. The training teachers are all graduates of niujian. They are very strong. These trainings also laid a solid foundation for my child to get this Oxford interview invitation.


In addition to learning, the school also attaches great importance to all aspects of children's training. Every school year, the school will arrange various activities, such as the speech under the national flag every week, English speech competition, student union election, outdoor expansion, cultural tourism activities organized after the big test, including the teachers' counseling on his psychological stress when he failed to take the first math big test to 90, etc., which have an important impact on his personal growth. Of course, he has shortcomings, in my opinion, there are many, but my school and I pay more attention to his advantages, and positively encourage him to develop his strengths and avoid weaknesses, and be positive!



After the interview, we also asked Alan's mother a question, which is what advice do you have for those families who want to enter Teensen?


In her opinion, we must fully listen to children's opinions when choosing a school. As parents, we should try our best to get real and comprehensive information, list them and let children participate. What parents should do is to remind children from time to time not to deviate from their original intention. For children, the effect of what I want to do and what I want to do will definitely be different. Teensen has a very strong teacher and professional guidance team. We believe that it is not a dream for Teensen to follow the steps of the school and impact the world famous schools!


From the perspective of the offers from Oxford and Cambridge across the country, any student who can pass the examination of Nanchang key high school and has a middle-class score will be able to obtain the niujian offer once he enters an international school like Teensen. It's better to come to Teensen than to squeeze the single wooden bridge of college entrance examination.

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